About Us

Bhagavatha Seva Trust
(Regn. 429/2003)


“Na Aham Vasami Vaikunte, Na Yogi Hrudaye ravav,
Madbhaktha: yathra Gayanthi, thathra thistami Narada”

Radhekrishna !

Namasankirtanam is the easiest way to beseech the blessings of Almighty in Kailyuga. Many Bhagavathas have dedicated their entire life for propagating Prachina Sampradaya Bhajan (Traditional Devotional songs) all over India. They have been instrumental in laying the spiritual foundation stone for the younger generation.For carrying out this yeoman service, Bhagavathas were not richly rewarded for their performance and they did this as service to the society. They scrupulously carried out Nitya Karmanushtanam and propagated Bhakthi through Namasankirtanam. Since many of the Bhagavathas did not engage in any other service, nor were they employed, they depended only on Bhajan Performances for their day to day living. However these earnings were meager and hence unable to run their families. Many of them are now in their old age and in dire need of support. For those who have sacrificed their entire life for the propagation of Namasakirtanam, which is the only way to Mukthi, it is our duty to help these Bhagavathas to ensure that their living is properly taken care of.

Bhagavatha Seva Trust was started with this primary objective during the Namasankirtana Festival in the year 2002 held at Sri Krishna Gana Sabha, T Nagar, Chennai 600017. The Trust is also receiving contributions from philanthropic devotees.The Trust is offering Rs 2000/- as Monthly Financial Assistance to 80 Bhagavathas as on date. The trust is also assisting Bhagavathas to meet out their Medical expenses and their children’s Educational expenses.

Each year, during the Namasankirtana Festival in Chennai, the trust is honouring senior Bhagavathas. This has been a practice from the year 2004. The trust is also awarding Bhagavathas who are giving vocal support, percussion support and also organaizations who are propagating Namasankirtanam in their locality.

These are possible only with the wholehearted support from the devotees and well wishers like you who are contributing every year to run the Trust.

Ram Ram.

Udaiyalur Dr. K. Kalyanaraman,

Founder & Managing Trustee,

Bhagavatha Seva Trust.